At Craft Electric, we have assembled a team of field technicians, programmers, and engineers to drive our Automation and Controls Department to the forefront of oil and gas technology. From our UL listed design/build panel shop, we equip and train our technicians to commission and troubleshoot the huge variety of systems that we encounter in the field. Our programmers and engineers use the same shop to design, program, manufacture, and test all of the major components of control and communication systems used in our industry.

Design, programming, assembling and listing cabinets, commissioning, and troubleshooting of the following:

  • Various Allen Bradly/Rockwell Automation platforms (ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix, etc.)
  • Totalflow control systems
  • Siemens RTU systems
  • Emerson ROC systems
  • Various programmable drives (Allen Bradley, Dan Foss, Toshiba, Schneider, etc.)
  • HMI/Panelview (Allen Bradley, Maple Systems, Schneider, etc.)
  • Safety and metering/measurement devices (level sensors, Coriolis meters, mag meters, pressure transmitters, flow meters, LEL/H2S meters, etc.)
  • Well Manager Systems (Lufkin, Allen Bradley, etc.)

Our team can build logic for many applications or complete locations and systems. We use our customer’s preferred program language (structured text, function block, or ladder logic). Controllers and systems designed or built in our shop include appropriate UL listing, wiring diagrams, hand over packet, etc.

Our commercial electricians have constructed the electrical systems for gas stations, commercial shops, fast food restaurants, garages, grocery stores, department stores, television/radio stations, churches and dozens of retail shops.

Communication and SCADA Services

  • Fiber splicing and termination
  • A variety of communication modules (Red Line, Prosoft, Freewave, M2M, Allen Bradley, etc.)
  • Modbus and Hart communication Systems
  • Ethernet and fiber communication systems
  • ControlNet and DeviceNet Networks
  • AssetCentre servers and asset management